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John Bruce teachs guitar from all styles and genres

I was introduced to music at a very early age, my father loved it and would listen to pieces of music from Beethoven, Mozart and the other great composers, so music was something I was raised to appreciate. Whenever I looked at pictures from my mother's side, especially my great grandfather Bernard, there were always pictures of him with an instrument. My mother's side of the family have heavy Irish connections and music has always been a family tradition, even my other two brothers are guitar players too.

I was introduced to the guitar at the age of 14 and straight away I connected with it and couldn't put the thing down. I practised so much my father used to pull the fuse out to stop me from playing. When I heard what others were doing on the guitar, like the great guitar phrases from the late Gary Moore who I sorely miss, I was determined to master the fretboard. However, in the early days I could play but had no idea of theory, it was only later on that I came to understand what scale or chord I had been playing! I have had the privilege of attending some master classes and workshops including playing and meeting with some and of some of the world's most talented guitar players like Joe Satriani, Andy Timmons, Jeff Beck, Michael Angelo Batio, Wim Roelants and Paul Gilbert.

Nowadays I do a lot of song writing and some of my songs can be heard on the internet. I have also written for other artists and bands too. During the day, I am a guitar tutor and work at several different schools around South West Cornwall as well as my private tuition from my home.

My Music

If you would like listen to some of my original music and my take on a few popular classics, you can do so at SoundCloud.

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My guitar tuition ranges from helping absolute beginners to helping some already excellent players improve their solos or chord knowledge. Many often find themselves doing the same old scale shape and getting into a rut or hitting the wall so to say. But walls can be knocked down and stepped over and that is my approach to teaching. I aim to show you something different. Knowing some theory can make you more aware of what is available and give you more options. In fact in one lesson I can show you how to remember every note on the fretboard, yes all 6 strings!

I like to have fun teaching and want to make all my students feel confident and give them genuine commendation on their improvement. I am also an approved tutor and member of the RGT. Up till now I have had some 55 students complete exams with results of 50 distinctions, 4 merits and 1 pass, I have even had a 6 year old doing an exam! I love to see their faces when they get that certificate, it's obvious that they see that practising pays off even when I nag them a bit! I have made lots of DVD's which I share with my students on how to practise and how to pass their exams.

So if you want to learn new songs, need help with writing, wish to improve your knowledge on theory or understand more what you're doing on the guitar, or even take an exam, then give me a call, I can help!

What my students say

"I started with John 3 years ago for guitar lessons and haven’t looked back since. He exudes an enthusiasm and passion for music, which is infectious and has encouraged me to practice between lessons. His approach to teaching was individually tailored to me, so the songs I learn are the songs I like listening to. He encourages me to be creative and confident so that I can tackle more and more complex pieces. I would highly recommend John to anyone looking to learn or improve their skills."
Sam Tompkins