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Welcome to the School of Rock!

What is the School Of Rock you may ask yourself?

No doubt many of you have watched the film featuring Jack Black as the zany, fake supply teacher who eventually inspires the hearts of young people to become an excellent Rock band.

Well, that is roughly what the School Of Rock is about, and my initials are JB! I've teamed up with dBs Music to provide this awesome opportunity for you to get involved with other music lovers. It is a bit like talent spotting. Some of my students are outstanding guitar players and some with more practice could well be. I encourage all my students to join the School of Rock even if they are a bit limited in their abilities. I often find that once they join, their playing goes through the roof!

Once my students get a taste of what it is like to play in a band then the instrument they occasionally pick up in their rooms transforms them into their rock idols. It is not uncommon to see my students playing make vast improvements in a very short space of time. I had one student start on bass, four weeks later he was playing in one of the bands! If you are a drummer, bass player, guitarist, keyboardist or vocalist then yes, the School Of Rock is for you!

I will personally show you how to organise yourself and get the most out of playing together, I am also a songwriter and have helped many to become songwriters themselves. I also run song writing classes for you budding singer-songwriters. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to perform live too! For more information on the School of Rock visit

Rock on!

You can visit the School of Rock Facebook page here.


John Bruce Guitars and the School of Rock are in the West Briton. We're proud to have been able to promote this exciting school in the local newspaper. You can read the article here*. If you prefer to read the article online, you can at West Briton Online.

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