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Why Choose Us?

First of all I am interested in you...

I want you to be able to stand on your own feet one day, without my help. Believe me there is nothing more satisfying than mastering the guitar.

Your first FREE lesson with me, without any strings attached, is really designed as an induction. This gives you the opportunity to talk about what you would like from your tuition; what personal goals you may have set for yourself and, of course, this gives you and I the opportunity to get to know each other right from the outset.

This first FREE lesson also will give me the chance to assess your level of playing and in turn start thinking about a plan of action that will be structured just for you.

I was teaching in Germany and I have taught beginners who have never played the guitar before and brought them along to be very promising players. I have also helped some very advanced players to expand their scope of playing and put feel and tone into their fingers. I think if you can plug in the guitar, in front of friends or in a band, and make peoples heads turn then you have broken the mold and that's what makes you different to all those other guitar players. Listen to players like Slash, Jeff Beck and Satriani - when you hear them on the guitar you know it's them immediately.

Feedback from a student

"John is a great teacher. I am currently having some advanced lessons with him and I am over 60. John is a really nice humble guy and so passionate about music so come on and contact him. Lets get rocking!"


Teaching Style

I basically teach in 3 categories:

  1. Beginners
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced.

I teach styles in Acoustic, Blues, Rock and teach music theory. I can show you how to turn your pc into a recording studio.

If you want to play like Clapton, Hendrix or your guitar hero then you're at the right place here. Or maybe you just want to strum away on an acoustic and learn the basics. Maybe you have a problem trying to make your guitar sound right or you don't have a guitar and are worried what to buy - I can offer you good sound advice on what to buy at a reasonable cost.

I think I have something special to offer I have a unique advanced way of teaching to make you get the most for your money and make speedy advancement on the guitar - no boring lessons here!! There are also bonuses for ones who progress and want to be a real guitar hero. I teach weekly, semi-monthly or monthy leaving you time to practice and not feel under pressure. This also makes things more affordable for your pocket.

I know guitar playing can be tedious so how would you like to practice with a band when you plug in your guitar? I have a complete range of backing tracks from your favourite groups avaliable to you, maybe you just want to practice or improvise what you have learned? No problem - I have hundreds of backing tracks designed for this.